The Aitokaiku team would like to welcome you to our blog and invite you to come along on our journey to bring you an amazing new experience in music listening and music making. We are announcing our mobile app for iOS and Android coming in 2016.


Aitokaiku was born 7 years ago as an experiment to use technology to tap into the hidden music being made all around us by our movement, talking, and by patterns hidden in nature. I hope that soon the whole world will be able to enjoy Aitokaiku and experiment with creating their own reactive music.

Aitokaiku Hit SongAitokaiku has made music out of beautiful things like the aurora borealis and strange things like the Ebola virus, but also out of everyday things. A recording made from Aitokaiku music created while founder, Jarno Eerola, cooked dinner for a friend was even remixed into a hit house music track by DJ Hell.


People have experienced Aitokaiku as part of events where their own conversations and movements inspired Aitokaiku’s soundtrack to the event. In a few weeks, Aitokaiku will be the official music provider for the Slush festival in Helsinki, Finland. In addition to having a full-time installation where music will be created by the crowd at Slush, we’ll also have some interactive activities and special sensors that allow anyone to see what it will be like to have his or her very own Aitokaiku.

The Future

We’re hard at work developing the Aitokaiku mobile app for iOS and Android, so that you can make music with Aitokaiku wherever you go.  We also are thinking about a future where your Aitokaiku is connected with all your smart home devices, where you can capture and share your personal Aitokaiku creations.  In this future, Aitokaiku can be on all the time and will be smart enough to learn when to be more or less present and know just what you want to listen to.

We know what it’s like to have Aitokaiku in our lives and we can’t wait until we can share it with you. Check back on this blog for updates on our progress building out the world of Aitokaiku and we’ll let you know about events where you can experience Aitokaiku in person.