Aitokaiku is pleased to announce our partnership with Slush to provide the official #Slushvibe—a musical soundtrack created solely the crowd at the Slush 2015 conference in Helsinki, Finland on November 11-12.

Aitokaiku will introduce its new music-creating app for the very first time at Slush 2015. Visitors to the Aitokaiku installation, which will run for the duration of the conference, will be the first members of the public to experience first-hand what it’s like to create music with the Aitokaiku app by moving, talking, dancing—anything really. Visitors can then share their unique piece of music created with Aitokaiku with their friends over the web and social media.

“Aitokaiku created a game-changing vibe for our SLUSH Impact Global Hub Reception in 2014 with a responsive live music show where the sound was generated in real time by the audience. The night also included soundtracks generated by a Finnish sauna, human DNA and the Northern Lights. I’m really excited to hear what will happen this year at SLUSH with their upcoming mobile version” –Will Cardwell, Courage Ventures

In the evening, house music DJ Joe Le Bon, A.K.A. Aitokaiku creator Jarno Eerola, will get the party going mixing vinyl with Aitokaiku music generated live from energy of the Slush crowd itself.

Slush 2014 was a huge success for Aitokaiku. The live show with DJ Joe Le Bon and Aitokaiku Instant Live hardware provided great feedback and inspired his team to pursue the concept as a mobile app that the whole world can enjoy. Now Aitokaiku is back and ready to put this revolutionary music-making technology into the hands of consumers.

Follow the action on Twitter and listen to the #Slushvibe on the Aitokaiku homepage.