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Aitokaiku created the Slush 2015 custom theme as the official music providers for the Slush conference in Helsinki, Finland and transformed the sights and sounds of Slush into music.

The Slush 2015 custom theme music was created throughout the conference using our patent-pending reactive music technology and mixed into the After Party music by Aitokaiku CEO Jarno Eerola, a.k.a. DJ Joe Le Bon, and DJ Tero K.

Making the #Slushvibe

Slush was the first time we were able to use the mobile app for Android to create music.  For this track, we loaded the Slush 2015 custom theme onto our Android phone and used the phone’s mic for sound levels, camera for light sensitivity, and accelerometer for motion.

Slush presented a peculiar challenge as the conference center was extremely loud, with music blasting and 15,000 conference attendees pitching and networking in every corner.  Stage lighting was accompanied by strobes, disco balls, you name it–another challenge for creating interesting music from a high-input lighting environment.

We reduced the number of inputs for Slush because we thought these would be the easiest for testers to relate to even with just a short time to try out the app.

Visitors to Slush were able to experience Aitokaiku on both days of the conference and this is just a snapshot of what testers heard; however, every person heard something different as the music was created for them in real time from everything happening in that moment.

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*This theme was created as a proof-of-concept and this excerpt of music created with the theme is free to listen and share.