Arctic Startup

It was great to have the opportunity to demo the Aitokaiku mobile app for ArcticStartup. We’re even more excited about the article they wrote about us.


ArcticStartup is Northern Europe’s largest tech publication–essentially the Techcrunch of the Nordic region.  We demoed an early version of the Aitokaiku reactive music mobile app for ArcticStartup reporter Nikki Kononov at the Slush 2015 startup conference in Helsinki.

Nikki really loved the app and his enthusiasm shows in the article.  It was great to get so much great feedback from everyone at the conference. I think you can see he was really enjoying Aitokaikuing his life.

Nikki Kononov tries Aitokaiku
Nikki Kononov tries Aitokaiku for ArcticStartup at Slush

Just to respond to his concerns right away: we are also focused on launching a product that doesn’t drain battery life and privacy is a major concern for us too.  We don’t want to share our personal lives with other companies either.

We hope to see more of ArcticStartup in the lead up to launch and we need to thank them for the great article and the outstanding headline.

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