Aitokaiku Nanotris Game Music

Aitokaiku Music Powers Steam Game Nanotris

Aitokaiku Makes Game Music

Today, we are happy to present to you the first game to use Aitokaiku music: Nanotris. Aitokaiku is dedicated to creating a great music experience on any platform and empowering anyone to create royalty-free original music for their project. That’s why we are working so hard to make a strong and flexible core engine.

The future of games is reactive music

Aitokaiku is proud to power the music behind Nanotris and we hope that other games designers will follow their lead. Aitokaiku music is accessible to indie game designers because it’s royalty-free and we see a future where adaptive game music not only reacts to events in the game, but also adds other sensors for more possibilities to react to a player’s environment.

A multi-player game like Nanotris is the perfect example of how a player’s environment could make the game more interesting–Aitokaiku turns your trash-talking into more exciting game music.

Nanotris is simple, colorful, and exciting

Nanotris is a two-player game, so invite a friend over before you start. You and your friend each control a ship. During the first 20 seconds of the match, you collect cubes that act as a shield. The cubes attach to your ship when you collect them. After 20 seconds, the round begins. It’s time to blast your opponentbefore your opponent blasts you! The idea is simple: destroy your opponent, celebrate victory, start over!

Visit official Nanotris Steam Community page

Soundtrack by Aitokaiku

I had an opportunity to try the game out on my computer this last week. It’s amazing to experience how Nanotris uses Aitokaiku music! That is right, you read it correctly, Aitokaiku is already being used in games. I recorded some gameplay between me and my sister so you can see how the music blends right in with the game.

Watch me play below:

Spoiler alert: I won each time 🙂

It’s interesting to see how Aitokaiku, a music engine that relies heavily on sensors, is already being used for a game soundtrack. Even though it’s a totally different application than listening on a smartphone, the music fits perfectly. I keep coming back to the game, just for the awesome music experience.

Stay tuned for more news as we approach the launch date for our mobile reactive music app.