Aitokaiku and Kieku Instant Podcasting

Instant Podcasting Soundtracks for Kieku

Aitokaiku is partnering with Kieku to provide users of the Kieku podcasting mobile app with reactive music using Aitokaiku’s Cloud APIWe announced our partnership live on stage at the Slush Music Conference on November 30th in Helsinki, Finland. Users will be able to record a talk and then instantly create an original soundtrack generated directly from their recording.

Introducing Music as a Service (MaaS)

Aitokaiku has been working on a cloud server version of our software since early last year and this will be the first project to integrate Aitokaiku music into another product. Talk recordings created by Kieku users will be sent to Aitokaiku in the cloud and the data stream will be transformed into unique music that perfectly matches the broadcast.

Kieku’s talk blogging app eliminates the complexity of podcasting by automating the technical components of audio recording and instantly publishing directly to the Kieku personal radio platform—create an instant podcast with an instant audience. Partnering with Aitokaiku will allow podcasters to automatically add music and enhance the experience for their listeners.

Liberated Music

“Integrating Aitokaiku’s reactive music into the Kieku podcasting app is a win-win. We can focus on our core product while offering our users a richer experience. Because the music is royalty-free it, it’s also worry-free for podcasters and talk bloggers.” CEO, Sampsa Fabritius.

Aitokaiku music is generated from the podcast recording so it is completely unique for each recording. It can be used anywhere without additional licenses, so talks created with Aitokaiku music can be shared globally on any platform with complete freedom.

“We’re thrilled that Kieku will be the first company to connect to the Aitokaiku cloud API. Aitokaiku is all about freedom and flexibility. This is just the beginning.” said Aitokaiku CEO and founder Jarno Eerola.

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