Vimu - Live Video Music for iOS

Vimu for iOS: Live Video Music coming soon from Aitokaiku

Create videos with perfectly synced music you can share anywhere with Vimu from Aitokaiku. Vimu music reacts to the action on screen live, while you film.

Your videos on Facebook and Twitter just got awesome

Just have fun and leave the music to Vimu.  Shoot videos and share them instantly with your friends and fans on social media.  Vimu automatically syncs the music to your video because it senses the motion, sounds, and colors you are recording.

  • Get more likes and more clicks for your social media videos
  • Make pro-looking videos without the headache of finding the right music
  • Film up to 45 minutes with no repeats because your video makes the music
  • No editing. Keep making videos with music created live as you film.
  • Share without a care because the music is royalty-free

Aitokaiku is brings you Vimu for iOS in June of 2017.  Join our mailing list and follow on Facebook and Twitter for updates and info.

Watch Vimu in action