Vimu Update: Frankfurt Book Fair Special Edition

The Frankfurt Book Fair, the world’s oldest technology conference, has partnered with Aitokaiku for a special edition of Vimu to create instant music videos for this year’s conference.


The Frankfurter Buchmesse began over 500 years ago to promote the latest media technologythe printing pressand they are continuing their support for cutting edge media technology with their partnership with Aitokaiku. The special edition of Vimu allows users to create instant music videos for this year’s event, starting October 11th, and post them to social media.

More than 7,000 exhibitors from over 100 countries and more than 277,000 visitors attend the Frankfurt Book Fair, making it the world’s most important book fair.  This year, the book fair is also introducing the Arts+ Conference which focuses on the benefits of digital technologies for art and culture and discusses intellectual property issues.

Aitokaiku reactive music technology is a perfect match with a conference that has dedicated itself to media and expression for half a millennium.

Vimu Instant Music Videos

Vimu creates instant music videos where the music is composed live based on the contrast and motion of the video. Every video has a unique sound with music that matches the action.

Watch the video below to see how Vimu created different music for the same scene as it was filmed 3 times.

Videos can be further customized with visual filters and then shared to Facebook and Twitter.

Upgrade or Download Vimu now

The Frankfurt Book Fair special edition of Vimu is available now on the Apple App Store. Upgrade your current version of Vimu or download it for free.

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